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Working Effectively in Collaboration

One of the most important foundations of Myoreflex Therapy is the productive and trustworthy cooperation between the patient, therapist and the environment, along with a live network of alliance partners. Similarly, at the Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies in Konstanz, the “heart and main headquarters” of Myoreflex therapy, we try to put this fundamental guiding principle into practice.

In addition to Kurt and Reiner Mosetter, there is a multi-person team working closely together both front and back stage striving to continuously improve and advance Myoreflex Therapy in every respect – from daily work on the therapy table to Myoreflex training, from publishing books and articles at the in-house Vesalius Verlag to working on a range of projects, conferences and lectures, cooperation agreements and alliances.

With the following links, we would like to present to you the history of Myoreflex Therapy, a history that is closely interwoven with the life histories of Kurt and Reiner Mosetter.


ZiT Konstanz

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