Myoreflex Therapy for Pain

A wide range of painful conditions can be relieved through work on the muscles in Myoreflex Therapy. For one thing, strained and thus poorly nourished muscles may cause pain directly. Typically, muscular pains of this kind tend to move about the body and radiate in different ways according to anatomical patterns. Symptoms will extend from the neck to the head, from the neck to the shoulder girdle and the arms, and from the buttocks to the knee or calf.
Moreover, contracted, shortened and strained muscles are often to blame for strangulating nerve branches, nerve plexuses and blood vessels, while also fettering and blocking joints. Very often, nerve pain turns out not to be caused by a sick nerve, but rather because the nerves are being blocked off from their normal blood supply by muscular forces.

Thus, lower back pain (ischalgia), numb and tingling hands and legs as well as gnawing pain can often be relieved through muscular rebalancing treatments. Metabolic pain can be overcome through a diet based upon the Glycoplan metabolic learning process.


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