Intelligent Nutritional Supplementation

When discussing this subject, the issue is not a matter of right or wrong. Nutrients that are lacking or shown to be deficient on laboratory testing should be replaced. Also, there is no doubt that administrating isolated, uncoordinated supplements is more likely to prove harmful than helpful.

Combining various vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, amino acids, bioflavonoids and secondary plant substances significantly improves their bioavailability and has a synergistic effect. In this regard, the products made by the US company Lifeplus are a very good option for supplementation.

However, if there is a low level of Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 demonstrated, these deficiency states need to be specifically corrected, and this is also true for low magnesium and zinc levels. Deficiencies in essential fats and amino acids also need to be corrected as needed after specific testing. For treating conditions with derailed metabolism, however, the first priority for therapeutic change is always the diet. In the long term, targeted metabolic dietary education will protect against deficiencies. Bad carbohydrates and sugar must be avoided – and if necessary, essential substitute carbohydrates such as D(+)galactose or D-ribose should be used.


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