Performance Optimization, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation – Myoreflex Therapy for Athletes

From hockey to soccer, all the way to motorsports – performance athletes have to face up to numerous challenges:

  • highly-specific muscular power
  • endurance
  • pinpoint accuracy of performance
  • perfect concentration

...and they have to maintain them all throughout the entire course of a game, tournament or race.

But how can such qualities be achieved at the highest level and maintained over the long run? As a component of an innovative training philosophy, Myoreflex Therapy provides the possibility to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and increase the fitness of athletes participating in a very wide range of sports. It creates a foundation for maximum efficiency and peak physiological performance.

Our focus is on the whole athlete

Elements of our philosophy include:

  • a thorough, individual analysis of vulnerabilities
  • individually adapted injury and accident prevention for each athlete
  • treatment by Myoreflex therapists for rehabilitation from acute and chronic injuries
  • total concentration
  • specialized training with Resistance Stretch exercises
  • visual motor and visual perception training
  • optimization of core performance and energy metabolism
  • individualized diet optimization with attention to the specific situation of each individual athlete (e.g. lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance)

For today’s professional athletes – and pros of the future!

We work with star professional athletes, such as Alexander Waske, Jürgen Klinsmann, Ralf Rangnick and other individuals in charge of successful sports teams. Our philosophy can help provide support for you in your own pathway to athletic achievement feel free to contact us!


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