Advanced Training Courses: Continuing Education and Quality Assurance

The prerequisite for enrollment in an advanced course is successful completion of a basic course in Myoreflex Therapy.

An important component of Myoreflex Therapy is continuous further development: thus, Myoreflex Therapy is enriched by a constant flow of new experiences, the latest scientific discoveries, new collaborative work and innovative influences from a great variety of outside specialties. In order to give therapists the opportunity to continuously expand their own knowledge and thus to provide their patients with the best possible treatment, we regularly offer advanced courses in different subject areas.

In terms of quality assurance, the continuing education process guarantees that Myoreflex therapists are continuously keeping completely up to date in their knowledge and skill sets. In addition to maintaining quality assurance for Myoreflex treatments through these regular continuing education courses, we also want to stay in touch with the therapists we have trained. Through the advanced courses, we can meet each other again, exchange ideas and gain valuable insights from other therapists.

After completion of the final examination in the Myoreflex basic course, Myoreflex Therapy certification is valid for an initial period of three years. Participation in an advanced course renews the validity of your Myoreflex Therapy certificate for an additional three-year period.

Only those therapists and practices holding a valid Myoreflex Therapy certificate can be listed in the catalogue of therapist and practices on the homepage at

The advanced courses last for 3 days and are typically held on weekends (Saturday/Sunday). They include a theoretical and practical portion and are led by 2 - 3 experienced instructors. The number of participants ranges from 20 to 30 persons.

The cost for each advanced course is between 380 and 400 Euro, depending on the particular course.

Athletic groin pain – a myoreflex approach

In Konstanz; 12. / 13. October 2019 - CANCELLED - new date in 2020!

Lecturers: Dr. Kurt Mosetter, Bendik Johannessen, Thorsten Taenzer

Athletic groin pain (AGP) is a term for the multitude of chronic conditions presenting as pain in the inguinal region. In this document we would like to offer the perspective for how to understand and alleviate this problem considering it from the principles of the Myoreflex system.

Further information follows ... If interested and for a registration via email.


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