Basic Training in Kopenhagen - Denmark

Participants are initiated to the field of Myoreflex Therapy through the basic training program. Here, the specific perspectives and techniques of Myoreflex Therapy are thoroughly explained and taught, in both theory and practice.

The basic course consists of 5 modules (4 days each) plus an examination at the end. Due to the current situation the start had to postponed again. The new start & dates are:

New start in September 2023

Module 1: August 31rd - September 3rd 2023
Module 2: September 28th - October 1st 2023
Module 3: November 23th - 26th 2023
Module 4: January 25th - 28th 2024
Module 4: May 18th - 21th 2024

The course includes 20 - 24 participants and is supervised by three course leaders. The course teaches both theoretical subjects and their implementation in clinical practice. The practice portion is conducted in small groups (6 - 8 participants plus 1 - 2 course leaders). Each module includes the theoretical and practical presentation of one subject area (the lower extremity, upper extremity, trunk, cranium, etc.) along with associated patterns of illness and relevant aspects of treatment.

Course Contents (a selection)

  • Basic principles of Myoreflex Therapy
  • Anatomy and functional anatomy in relation to Myoreflex Therapy
  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in relation to Myoreflex Therapy
  • Biomechanics and its therapeutic application
  • Fundamentals of general and specialized neurophysiology and neuroanatomy
  • Pain models with horizontal and vertical networking theories
  • Simulated movement
  • Preparing the way toward a new understanding of illness patterns and their treatment
  • Intensive, targeted practical introduction in small groups to the treatment of specific illness patterns
  • Presentation models
  • Relevant anatomy from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Psychotraumatology
  • Fundamentals of neuromuscular trauma therapy (NMTT)
  • Conceptual models in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Myoreflex Therapy in pediatrics and neurology
  • Myoreflex Therapy as a networked treatment model with internal medicine and surgery
  • Myoreflex Therapy for psychosomatic illnesses
  • Final examination with certification as a Myoreflex Therapist (theory and practice)

Myoreflex Basic Training Course in Kopenhagen

Dr. Mosetter, the founder of Myoreflex Therapy, offers in cooperation with Anne Marie Vester a complete basic training course in Kopenhagen.

Lecturers: Kurt Mosetter, Bendik Johannessen, Bo Kaehler, et al

The course comprises of 5 modules (4 days each).

Course times are:

- on the first day of each module / course block: from 2pm – 9pm
- the next days then: from 9am – 6pm
- on the last day of each course block: 9am – 1pm

Further information and registration by e-mail

Module 1

Sports injuries without local treatment
Interpretations of injuries, interpretations of pain
Compensation of injuries and pain
Reaction to injuries and pain
Adaption to injuries and pain
Impact of previous trauma or shock
Body reading, body memory

Module 2

Muscle meridians
The mechanisms of action of Myoreflex Therapy
The methods of Myoreflex Therapy

Module 3

Muscle Meridians
Read ‘Anatomy Trains’ prior to this module
Symptoms and compensations
The jaw, the inner ear, stereopsis and Myoreflex therapy
The lower extremities and the back
Galileo training

​Module 4

Myoreflex Therapy and migraine,
​trigeminal neuralgia,
dental focus,
herniated disc,
cardiac arrhythmia,
metabolic syndrome,
the menstrual cycle,
menstrual pain,
renal insufficiency

​Module 5

Patterns of compensation
Learning disabilities
Upper extremities, nape of the neck, face, shoulders
Goal-directed behaviour
Group work with external patients

Please note: The actual course content may vary from the subjects specifically listed above.

Further informations you will find on the website of the organiser Anne Marie Vester: Ny Energi Klinik

Questions regarding application, course details or Corona-news please directly to


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