Introductory Seminars

We offer two-day introductory seminars for health care professionals with an interest in Myoreflex Therapy training. These courses are directed specifically at individuals interested in Myoreflex Therapy who would like to improve their understanding of anatomy prior to beginning their basic training in Myoreflex Therapy. These seminars constitute a “crash course” on the most important fundamentals of human anatomy along with a first look at the techniques of Myoreflex Therapy, KiD exercises (Kraft in Dehnung, or resistance training in stretched positions), and basic perspectives about nutrition, nutritional supplementation and interdisciplinary work.

The introductory seminars take place in Konstanz and are led by Kurt Mosetter and the training team. The course fee is 400 EUR. Half of this fee will be deducted from the tuition fee for the Myoreflex Therapy training program if the participant enrolls in the basic course in Myoreflex Therapy.

Course Location:
Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Therapien (Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies)
Obere Laube 44
78462 Konstanz


ZiT Konstanz

Obere Laube 44
78462 Konstanz


ZiT Konstanz
    +49 7531 915501    
Myoreflex Training
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