To be eligible to participate in the basic course on Myoreflex Therapy, you must have graduated from an officially recognized medical-therapeutic training program, and have mastered basic knowledge about the anatomy of the human musculoskeletal system. For prospective students who wish to refresh their knowledge of anatomy or improve their mastery of this area before beginning their basic training course in Myoreflex Therapy, we offer specific two-day introductory seminars. The costs for this seminar will be deducted from the tuition fees for the Myoreflex Therapy training program.

Professionals who enroll in the training course in Myoreflex Therapy include physiotherapists, naturopathic practitioners, physicians, occupational therapists, massage therapists, and speech therapists. For the purpose of reviewing and deepening students’ basic understanding of human anatomy, we also offer adjunctive one-day refresher courses in Konstanz.

The final examination in Myoreflex Therapy is only open to those course participants who have completed an officially recognized medical-therapeutic training program and are thereby entitled to treat patients. In addition, examination participants must have attended all of the course blocks in the basic Myoreflex Therapy course, and have independently prepared two detailed patient protocols and submitted them to the examination directors.

Practitioners must renew their Myoreflex Therapy certificate every three years by attending a two-day advanced course in an area of Myoreflex Therapy. These advanced courses are devoted to different subjects and can be selected according to each therapist’s preference. Only individuals with a valid Myoreflex Therapy certificate are authorized to treat patients with Myoreflex Therapy or to be included in the registry of practices and therapists on our website.


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